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Things To Do In The Capital Of Laos

If your next vacation has been planned for Laos, then you should first know that you made the right choice. As a somewhat neglected tourist attraction (especially when you size it up against its more hyped up neighbours such as Thailand or Malaysia), the mere decision to give Laos a chance should be praised. There are just so many things to do and places to visit in this beautiful little country, even if the beach is not one of them. However, the exact fact that there is so much to do will also undoubtedly mean you will most likely miss some of its tourist spots – unless you plan for a long enough stay. 

The capital of the country should not be on the list of things you will miss. The many Vientiane bars and clubs, as well as its high-end hotels make the capital the perfect resting place for the weary tourists who travel around the country and come back at night for the late night entertainment and relaxation. However, that is not all the capital has to offer – in fact, there are so many tourist spots to visit that you should probably give yourself one or two days to check them all. Below are some of the more renowned ones: 

  • The Buddha Park – Laos is a Buddhist country, and a majority of the attractions both in the country and in the capital will be temples or related religious attractions. Also known as Xien Khuang, the Buddha Park is, as the name describes, a sprawling park filled with over two hundred statues and sculptures of the Buddha – one of which is a forty-metre-tall statue of the Buddha in a reclining position.  
  • Patuxai Victory Monument – If you need a place to visit after a trip to the many bars in Vientiane (which makes religious spots off-limits), then this is a good place to both enjoy the breeze and sober yourself up. Whilst strolling through the Patuxai Park, you will come up to a diplomatic monument very much reminiscent of the French Arc de Triomphe (remember that Laos was a former colony of the French in the twentieth century). The difference is that the Patuxai arch channels local customs and styles, and opts for a decoration consisting of Hindu gods. You can view more information here http://vientiane.crowneplaza.com/.   
  •  That Ing Hang stupa – another religious attraction, this stupa reaches a height of around nine metres, and with its intricately beautiful and delicate carvings, it is definitely a sight to behold. It is also reported to be the home to one of the Holy Relics of the Buddha (the Spine Relic), and is a must on the list of pilgrimage sites of any devout Buddhist.